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Tax Return Preparation
2016 - 2017

With all the tax return preparation software brands on the market today it's easy to get disoriented trying to figure out what will work best for your tax filing needs.

What you really need to know is that the top two selling products, H&R Block and TurboTax have the competition beat by a wide margin with TaxACT on the rise for user friendly tax filing software products.

For decades these two manufacturer brands have been the most widely excepted choices by consumers nationwide. It's obvious from the start once you use either of these product lines, that their experience and expertise have helped them produce the most intuitive and user friendly approaches to tax preparation.

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Our tax return preparation site is your one stop resource for the best tax preparation software on the market. Get the perfect product for your maximum refund, as well as the easiest filing process. With decades of experience, either of these brands are truly a great choice to estimate income taxes and file your return..

Free Tax Return Preparation

Starting at the bottom of these product lines is the free editions that they both produce for simple tax filing. These are ideal for returns that don't require special forms for investments, home ownership, medical and educational filing needs.

These Free Editions include free efile as well but, you should know that they don't have import features so your forced to re-enter all your personal data each year.

Second in these lines are the Basic Editions that offer additional support to prepare your tax return as well as adding import capabilities which includes importing from each others brands.

Third comes the Deluxe Editions that offer more extensive support in deductions, credits and tax benefits to ensure your getting the biggest refund. Plus, support for investment, medical, education filing needs.

Fourth at the top of their lines are the Premium and Premier Tax Return Preparation Editions that are great for the investor. These programs are great for returns requiring more detailed support for more complicated areas of filing including special forms for the self employed filer.

For the business owner they offer Home and Business Editions that are ideal for completing personal and small business returns with one software package. It's a great way to ensure your getting all the deductions you can for both your filing needs.

Online Tax Return Preparation Software Brands You Should Consider

Many more brands are on the market to choose from and they may work just fine for you but, with superior experience and development it's no wonder that TurboTax and HR Block have been at the top of consumer acceptance for electronic online tax return preparation and filing.

To prepare federal or state returns there really are no close competitors to these brands. You can purchase them with or without the state program so there's no need to waste money on something your not going to use.

What it really boils down to is price. There are cheaper programs on the market but, in general your going to pay one way or another. Less expensive brands generally don't have the custom formatting of tailoring themselves to your filing needs as the top two competitors do. Without this feature there is no doubt more time and confusion will slow your preparation process.

For me, I've tried a lot of the competition and it's taught me to stick with the best and leave the rest to someone else. I have bounced back and forth a few times between the two top contenders since it's easy to do but, in reality I like them both just as well for tax return preparation filing...


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