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Online Tax Filing Services

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Preparing your tax return online has several advantages that make online tax filing convenient and easy.

  • Work on your return from any computer anywhere you have internet access.

  • All your progress and completed returns are stored safe and secure online.

  • An abundance of support through forums, FAQ databases, and live community.

  • Never worry about loosing your work if your computer crashes.

Should you be looking to work on your return without the luxury of internet access, then one of the HR-Block Software or TurboTax Software Download and CD Editions (click links here) may be the perfect choice for your tax preparation needs.

Regardless of whether you use the online or download edition, you're sure to find these programs to be far more advance and easy to use than they have ever been. Each year brings us leaps forward in technology and formatting improvements to make tax preparation a great way to save money by calculating your tax liability and preparing your tax return yourself.

Online Business Tax Preparation Software

Small Business, Corporate and LLC returns can be a challenge but, not as big of a challenge to tackle yourself as it use to be.

Today's small home business tax software editions are more intuitive than ever on insuring you the best up to date information for tax benefits, credits and deductions. This will surely give the best advantage in getting the maximum refund.

Preparing your return online has in fact gathered the largest following over the last several years. For the general filer, this is simple way to estimate your income taxes and prepare your return while fully connected to support and the knowledgeable community of consumers working on their returns.

HR Block Tax Preparation SoftwareFor myself, I have used both TurboTax and H&R Block randomly between the two and found success with both several times over. What's interesting is that it's actually easy to switch between the two since they each import the others data if you choose to change.

This battle for the best has been going on for decades with really no clear path to one or the other. HR Block continues to offer local preparation by a professional as well which no doubt keeps their tax preparation knowledge base at the top.

Having access to the thousands of professionals that they employ each year allows them to sort through any new tax laws quickly and update their software.

Online Tax Filing software has saved Americans tens of thousands of dollars on their tax return filing every year, and there is no slowing down. While it may seem like an intimidating task up front, once you start your return it's easy to see that today's software does all the hard work for you.

TurboTax Tax Preparation Software

If you're among the millions of consumers that have converted to the do-it-yourself tax filing format, you might be ready for the next step: Online tax preparation. There are many Web-based tax software programs that continue to help consumers electronically prepare, store, and file your tax returns. Many of these companies like TurboTax and H&R Block offer everything from a free edition up to premium and business editions.

Fortunately, with the quality these brands put out, all of those software editions are easy to use. They guide you through the tax-prep process step-by-step or, if you're experienced, let you skip to the topics that relate to you the most. Many of today's brands don't charge you anything until you file. If you have the time and ambition, you can test as many different brands as you'd like to see which one delivers the greatest tax savings.

Consider the following before you try one out:

Some tax preparation sites and software packages assault you with solicitations to upgrade to pricier editions. But if you qualify for the government based IRS Free File program, you're guaranteed a pop-up-free ride. This year, your household must have an adjusted gross income of not more that  $57,000 to use one of the 15 participating online Free-File tax-prep providers. You must enter through IRS Free File to use them.

Uncle Sam takes enough from us already, try preparing your own return and see if saving some cash on preparation is a good move for you too.


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